Brace Call Back Day

Brace Call Back Day is coming up Friday February 28, 2020

We are excited to be hosting Raul Ferrera Technical Director at Align Clinic, for our brace call back day.

In our weekly Scoli Clinic we work as a team, our Physical Therapy Navigator is right beside our Families as they move through the clinic from  our Pediatric Orthopedist  to our Scoliosis Orthotists.  We have the opportunity to have one more team member be present this February.  Raul Ferrera is just one of the professionals behind the WCR brace.  From his clinic in Spain he does the CAD or 3 D designing of each of our patients braces.  It will be exciting to have him present with our other orthotists to review some of our patients in their braces.  He will also be presenting on the evolution of, and theories behind the WCR brace; to other Schroth Certified Physical Therapists in the New England area.

Outpatient verses Early Intervention Therapy for Birth to Three Year Olds

As an outpatient pediatric physical therapist I always discuss Early Intervention  with parents of birth to three year old’s.

I worked in Early Intervention  (EI) for 20 years, and I understand the pros and cons of both settings.  EI can happen in the home, where the child lives and this is a very efficient way to do therapy.

Out Patient Pediatric Therapies  should be considered if your EI program has a wait list, especially for babies with torticollis.  Research shows the sooner the torticollis is treated the better the outcome. Early physical therapy  (under 4 months of age)  also lessens the chance of the infant needing to wear a helmet for a misshapen head.  Outpatient centers can often get  your child services quickly.

Outpatient pediatric therapies should also be considered if your child does not qualify for EI services. Early Intervention in the state of Massachusetts is for all birth to three year olds who demonstrate a 30% delay in 2 domains.  These domains are motor, social emotional, cognitive, language and self care.  When I first started with Early Intervention the qualification level was a 20% delay in one domain.  Research has not driven the decision to with hold services for children who are 20% delayed in one area; state funding has been the driver.

When parents are told their child does not qualify for EI, it is for one of two reasons: your child is on track and developmentally appropriate, or your child is delayed, but not enough to receive state funded services.  In the second instance your child may catch up on their own, or they may fall further behind.

Families need to know that in the outpatient setting, decision  for therapy is made based on research driven assessment tools and normative outcome data. Children qualify when they are below the norm of what their peers are doing.

There are also occasions when a patient is part of the EI system but they need more services. 

Out Patient pediatric Clinics have access to equipment and expertise that may not be found in the EI setting.  For example our pediatric clinic offers a brace clinic, expertise in ordering equipment, pool therapy, lite gait and treadmill training.


Patients should not have  same therapy in both the EI and an outpatient clinic on the same day, otherwise there are no limitations for accessing both types of services.  A child can have physical therapy at home  and speech therapy in an outpatient clinic on the same day.

At the Clough Family Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Therapies we work very closely with Minuteman Arc EI, Lipton EI, and Thom Ann Sullivan EI.  When given permission by the family we reach out and assist with IFSPs, goal setting, strategy and treatment options; as well as documentation needed at the time of transition at the age of three.

We are fortunate in the state of Massachusetts to have choices on where children and  families can receive services.

Emerson Hospital Bike Camp 2020

Yes it is that time of year!  We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the 6th annual iCan Shine Bike Camp with Lawrence Academy,  Spring Hill Suites and Hilton Garden Inn.

This years Camp Director is Sarah Attridge DPT, our Assistant Director is Jenn Geller PTA.

Registration has opened, click on this link:








Empower our Youth

Our youth have much to offer us.  New ways of thinking, creativity, playfulness, authenticity, and ideas, lots of ideas.

The Climate Strike on Friday September 20, 2019 is a chance for us to support youth around the world.

Because if we don’t address climate change, all we do for our children will be for naught.

Oh and did I  mention the leader is a someone who exemplifies neurodiversity?

Image result for images + climate strike + greta

So what Does Schroth Look Like?

At Emerson Hospital we treat scoliosis patients with exercises that are tailored to each patients curve pattern.  At this point in time, there is no question that scoliosis specific exercises are necessary to achieve the best results with idiopathic scoliosis.  Our Scoliosis Program Physical Therapists are all certified in the Schroth Barcelona Institute  style.

We use a three pronged approach:

1.Education because the more our patients know, about the risk factors for curve progression- the more they are in control.

2. Schroth Strengthening techniques and yes we  utilize a “ladder” ( chin up bar at home). Key components involve expansion of the body and lengthening of the spine.

3. Postural retraining for all activities- sitting, standing, walking, extra- curricular activities.

Here is an example of a patient with scoliosis, and one of her exercises.

In the top picture you could say her right side is shorter than her left side.  In the bottom  picture  we have facilitated lengthening of her right side.  She must learn to create tension and length, retrain her muscles and strengthen all her core muscles around this appropriate alignment.